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Calibro 35 - Said OST (2013)

Album: Said 
OST Year Of 
Release: 2013 
 Label: Tannen Records 
 Genre: Funk / Soul, Cinematic 
Quality: mp3 Bitrate: 320 kbps 
Total Time: 50:18 
Total Size: 119.7 

 1. Said Titoli (3:29) 
2. Ragazzo Di Strada (feat. Manuel Agnelli) (2:41) 
3. Tema Di Blue (3:44) 
4. Notte Di Violenza (3:29) 
5. Tensione (2:15) 
6. Locale (6:30) 
7. Don Vito (3:22) 
8. Prologo (1:17) 
9. Erotismo (3:02) 
10. Tema Del Rosso (4:33) 
11. Finale Said (2:35) 
12. Sbirri! (Remix) (2:15) 
13. Risoluzione (1:46) 
14. Sangue dal Sol Levante (2:02) 
15. Sbirri! (2:38) 16. Rissa (0:56) 
17. Citta’ al Plasma (3:44)

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Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther (1989)



The original Blake Edwards film was released in 1963 and achieved worldwide success. Its soundtrack is definitely one of the great creations of Mancini. The 1989 CD features twelve original songs, although after 2001 have been published in other CDs with expanded repertoire that distort the content of the original work. The skill and compositional genius of Mancini unfold luxuriously melodies with rhythms such as bolero rumba, slow, samba, twist, chacha or slowfox that in some cases show airs jazz.

Track list:

1. The Pink Panther theme
2. It had better be tonight (instrumental)
3. Royal blue
4. Champagne and quail
5. The village inn
6. The Tiber twist
7. It had better be tonight (vocal)
8. Cortina
9. The lonely princess
10. Something for Sellers
11. Piano and strings
12. Shades of Sennett
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Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still: Original Film Score (1951/1993) [The Classic Series]


This is the movie that gave us the phrase "Klaatu barada nikto!" As befits the film that kicked off the Atomic Age's obsession with flying saucers and giant robots, Bernard Herrmann's score is the last word in 1950s sci-fi. Although many of its elements have become cliches over the years, the original has lost none of its power. Thanks to the many eerie, theremin-drenched passages, it's almost impossible to hear that instrument without thinking about guys in space suits. Other great moments: tinkling space pianos, ominous robot monster chords, and weird, plangent orchestrations. One of Herrmann's most visionary and influential scores.
Review by Heidi MacDonald,

Amidst all the endless issues and reissues of the standard repertoire, there are still recordings released of the less-than-standard repertoire, of the masses of Ockeghem, of the symphonies of Krauss, and of the songs of Hahn. But of all the projects dedicated to the less-than-standard repertoire, perhaps the most needful and certainly the most interesting is Varese Sarabande's series of recordings of the film scores of Bernard Herrmann. Herrmann's scores are not only supremely effective as soundtracks, but extremely evocative and even deeply moving as pieces of music, and listening to the scores for Vertigo or Citizen Kane is as involving and exciting as listening to the Four Seasons or the 1812 Overture. But in most cases, Herrmann's scores are either recorded only in parts or unrecorded altogether, and it was not until Varese Sarabande began its Herrmann series that many of his complete scores could be heard. This 2002 recording of the complete score of Herrmann's The Day the Earth Stood Still conducted by Joel McNeely is the first recording of all the music for the score -- even the original soundtrack only includes 18 of its 33 cues. And like the previous nine titles in the series, it is magnificent. McNeely and his 30-piece orchestra of brass, percussion, keyboards, and Theremin perform as well and often better than Herrmann's own recording and producer Robert Townson's superlative sound that is far, far better than the sound of the original 1951 recording. The score itself is wonderful: vivid, colorful, terrifying, awe-inspiring, and always and everywhere gripping. For anyone who likes film scores in general, or Herrmann's scores in particular, this disc is mandatory. And for anyone who simply likes great music, this disc will be a welcome relief from the standard repertoire.
Review by James Leonard,

Composer Biography
Composer at Wiki

Film at IMDB
Film at Wiki

01. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (0:13) (by Alfred Newman)
02. Prelude/Outerspace/Radar (3:50)
03. Danger (0:25)
04. Klaatu (2:17)
05. Gort/The Visor/The Telescope (2:26)
06. Escape (0:55)
07. Solar Diamonds (1:07)
08. Arlington (1:13)
09. Lincoln Memorial (1:32)
10. Nocturne/The Flashlight/The Robot/Space Control (6:02)
11. The Elevator/Magnetic Pull/The Study/The Conference/The Jewelry Store (4:33)
12. Panic (0:46)
13. The Glowing/Alone/Gort's Rage/Nikto/The Captive/Terror (5:15)
14. The Prison (1:44)
15. Rebirth (1:42)
16. Departure (0:55)
17. Farewell (0:35)
18. Finale (0:31)

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Vladimir Cosma - Diva: Bande Originale Du Film (1981/1993) [Original Soundtrack]


The 1981 Jean-Jacques Beineix film Diva is a dizzying cornucopia of delights, with a strong sense of urban cool and a cast of characters whose alternating detachments and obsessions hint at the legacy of pain and loneliness that helped form them. Its score, composed by Vladimir Cosma, is inseparable from the film, which, after all, is about music itself, and the ways that it links to desire and longing. From the beautiful arias of Wilhemina Wiggins Fernandez (who plays an opera singer in the film) to the eerie, achingly beautiful instrumental pieces composed by Cosma to set the mood for images of rain-slicked streets, Taiwanese music pirates, teenaged Vietnamese thieves, jaded middle-aged art sages, motorbikes and car chases, the score for Diva remains one of Cosma's masterpieces, a perfect companion to a film that became an international underground hit. This edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the film -- which has held up remarkably well considering it was initially a commercial and critical flop. Cosma's score seems steeped in gritty '80s punk mojo, while remaining completely stylish and refined. Eight new tracks are included and thorough liner notes, including interviews with Beineix and Cosma, make this an album worth picking up.
Review by Stacia Proefrock,

Vladimir Cosma Biography
Vladimir Cosma at Wiki

Film at IMDB
Film at Wiki

01. La Wally (A. Catalani - argt V. Cosma) (03:35)
02. Promenade Sentimentale (piano solo: V. Cosma) (02:39)
03. Voie Sans Issue (03:07)
04. Gorodish (03:04)
05. Le zen dans l'art de la tartine (02:06)
06. Ave Maria (C. Gounod) (01:39)
07. La Wally (version instrumentale) (03:08)
08. Promenade Sentimentale 2 (piano solo: V. Cosma) (03:35)
09. Lame de Fond (04:24)
10. Metro Police (02:36)
11. L'Usine Desaffectee (03:11)
12. Le Cure et l'antillais (01:32)
13. Tuileries sous la Pluie (piano: V. Cosma) (01:29)
14. Prelude de la Suite en Re mineur BWV 1005 (J.S. Bach, violoncelle solo: H. Varron) (01:12)
15. La Baignoire et la Mer (02:22)
16. J'aime pas les Ascenseurs (02:30)
17. La Wally (A. Catalani - argt V. Cosma, Piano solo: R. Allessandrini) (03:03)
18. Le Chien de M. Michel (02:50)

Password: designol


foobar2000 1.2 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2013-11-04 20:27:35

Analyzed: J.S. Bach / Diva (1)
Vladimir Cosma - by Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez / Diva (2-3)
Vladimir Cosma / Diva (4-18)

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR12 -7.02 dB -22.57 dB 1:12 14-Prelude de la Suite en Re mineur BWV 1005 (violoncelle solo: H. Varron)
DR10 -1.27 dB -16.02 dB 3:36 01-La Wally
DR7 -7.18 dB -20.40 dB 1:29 13-Tuileries sous la Pluie (piano: V. Cosma)
DR13 -6.19 dB -23.55 dB 2:39 02-Promenade Sentimentale (piano solo: V. Cosma)
DR13 0.00 dB -15.26 dB 3:08 03-Voie Sans Issue
DR12 -2.75 dB -20.33 dB 3:04 04-Gorodish
DR10 -3.16 dB -18.96 dB 2:07 05-Le zen dans l'art de la tartine
DR9 -2.12 dB -16.45 dB 1:40 06-Ave Maria
DR12 -5.26 dB -22.55 dB 3:08 07-La Wally (version instrumentale)
DR14 -2.68 dB -21.21 dB 3:36 08-Promenade Sentimentale 2 (piano solo: V. Cosma)
DR12 -7.06 dB -22.10 dB 4:24 09-Lame de Fond
DR13 -5.25 dB -22.18 dB 2:37 10-Metro Police
DR10 -6.81 dB -21.94 dB 3:12 11-L'Usine Desaffectee
DR11 -9.28 dB -24.28 dB 1:32 12-Le Cure et l'antillais
DR14 -7.24 dB -25.81 dB 2:22 15-La Baignoire et la Mer
DR15 -6.39 dB -24.23 dB 2:30 16-J'aime pas les Ascenseurs
DR15 -0.22 dB -20.74 dB 3:03 17-La Wally (Piano solo: R. Allessandrini)
DR16 -4.00 dB -23.62 dB 2:50 18-Le Chien de M. Michel

Number of tracks: 18
Official DR value: DR12

Samplerate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 16
Bitrate: 688 kbps
Codec: FLAC

Bernard Herrmann - Psycho: The Complete Original Motion Picture Score - First Complete Recording (1960/1997)





Varese's original soundtrack to Psycho finds Joel McNeely conducting the Royal Scottish National Orchestra through Bernard Herrmann's classic original score. This album is the first time the entire score has been recorded for an album and its remarkable how eerie and evocative the music is, even when its separated from the film. Psycho stands as one of Herrmann's finest moments, and even if many collectors and film buffs would prefer the original soundtrack recording, this version is essential for fans of the composer, since it is the clearest, cleanest edition of score yet produced.

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine,



01. Prelude (01:56)
02. The City (02:12)
03. Marion (01:35)
04. Marion and Sam (01:53)
05. Temptation (02:51)
06. Flight (01:08)
07. Patrol Car (01:06)
08. The Car Lot (01:45)
09. The Package (01:31)
10. The Rainstorm (03:11)
11. Hotel Room (02:04)
12. The Window (01:12)
13. The Parlor (01:38)
14. The Madhouse (01:54)
15. The Peephole (03:02)
16. The Bathroom (01:02)
17. The Murder (01:03)
18. The Body (00:17)
19. The Office (01:20)
20. The Curtain (01:15)
21. The Water (01:45)
22. The Car (00:52)
23. Cleanup (02:15)
24. The Swamp (02:04)
25. The Search (00:41)
26. The Shadow (00:50)
27. Phone Booth (00:54)
28. The Porch (01:04)
29. The Stairs (02:58)
30. The Knife (00:30)
31. The Search (B) (01:40)
32. The First Floor (02:45)
33. Cabin 10 (01:09)
34. Cabin 1 (01:06)
35. The Hill (01:05)
36. The Bedroom (00:59)
37. The Toys (01:02)
38. The Cellar (01:06)
39. Discovery (00:41)
40. Finale (01:32)

Password: designol